Q: How do I get my salsa after purchasing online?

A:  Each week, a member of the Top Hat Salsa Co. team will pop up in a public park or market to distribute salsa and packages to those who have purchased online at least 48 hours beforehand. This gives us the opportunity to meet you- our valued customers, and for you to bring friends to try some of our new products. Our weekly gatherings will offer free tastings (while supplies last) and test out some of our new recipes! Alternatively, you can have your salsa and dips delivered to your home for an extra fee. Please make sure to add “home delivery” to your cart if you’d like one of our team members to drop of your salsas directly to your home or workplace!

Q: who says your salsas are KLP (Kosher L’Pesach/Passover)?

A:  We do. To be honest, we have a bit of a difficult time with the rabbinic supervision model that costs suppliers like us exorbitant amounts each year to do what we already do. Our kitchen, pans, blenders, spoons have all been “koshered” and/or are brand new- used only for making our high quality products. More importantly, we have pride in our work, and feel we do not need an outside body to give us the “okay” to continue to make the best salsa and dips you can find.

Q: How long do the salsas last?

A:  Firstly, all of our salsa require refrigeration. Fresh ingredients and small-batch offerings means they are good from the moment made until…. you finish enjoying them! But if you don’t devour them with friends within the first 48 hours of receiving your product, we recommend finishing within two- three weeks. After that, our onions tend to turn and become a bit spicy (but not in the good way). Remember! We don’t add any preservatives and only user fresh veggies and herbs- that’s why our product is so yummy!

Have more questions? Contact us below and we’ll get back to you!

Happy dipping!

- Max and the Top Hat Salsa team

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