The origin story

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Hello! My name is Max.

“Believe it or not, I began making salsa and dips while living in Jerusalem. I guess it was a way of tasting a bit of home while I was living so far away.”

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There’s only so much hummus, falafel and schwarma a Texan can eat before he just needs a good ol’fashion Taco. Now making tacos isn’t difficult in the middle east… tacos are beloved worldwide. But no matter where Max went, he could not find the salsa that made his tacos remind him of his Texas upbringing. So Max got to “googling” and failing 100+ times until finally: “The O.G” was born! Max’s salsa quickly became a ‘hit’ amongst his friends, making his salsas a staple at parties and dinners. Soon after, Max began to experiment with other types of dips and sauces, creating the line of products you see today. Years of trial and error have made Max’s salsas taste-bud-tested and ready to be bottled and shared through the newly created: Top Hat Salsa Co. We hope you enjoy.


Local partners and Supporters

Moho Gardens — Sourcing fresh, organic chilis and herbs.

Localized Richmond — Organic, in season, and Australian grown source of veggies, seasoning and other groceries.

Alfie’s Food Co. — Mentor, partner and friend (who makes amazing small batch nut butters).



Max grew up in the kitchen at the feet of his mother (Barbara) and grandmother (Nonnie) often banging on pots and pans as if they were his drum set. It was here that Max’s first love was born: music. From old Ashkenazic Jewish dishes to Texas- Southern favourites, Max learned to cook from an early age - just by watching the matriarchs in his family. Max’s father made challah (bread) every week for Friday night Shabbat meals - a delicacy soon becoming highly sought after in the Texas Jewish community. Everyone who knew the Einsohn’s wanted some “Philip Challah” bread whenever Shabbat rolled around. Before going to the local high school’s football game, Max and his family hosted many diverse guests to celebrate Shabbat through food, ritual and conversation. It was during these family meals that Max learned to love to cook, talk, and welcome guests around the table. Want to know more? Ask Max by getting in touch below!



"I know my son can cook! I was the one who taught him how! " — Max’s mother, Barbara

"This salsa is addictive- it’s soooo good!" — Elle K.

"Authentic Mexican Salsa with a Texas Jewish twist " — Keshira F.

"Max’s food is made with love, and you can taste it in every bite" — Alex K.



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